Why move down your WordPress website? website security today is a huge industry including millions. From firewall solutions for dynamic scanning there is a long way to go and a considerable measure to apply. One of the best safety efforts you can take though is the humble backup.

WordPress backups permit you to restore your website to a point in time when all was well. Thus, they shield you from security related issues like programmers as well as from hardware failures and different ailments. In this article, I’ll demonstrate to you best practices to go down your WordPress Website with various instruments.

What do you have to move down?

A WordPress website comprises of three expansive areas:

  • The WordPress center

  • The wp-content organizer containing subjects, plugin and uploads
  • Your database

The most important one is your database. This contains every one of your posts, pages, classes, categories: any information that you have gone into the administrator. The second most vital thing is your uploads folder, which contains every one of the pictures and different documents you’ve uploaded.

Subjects and plugin could go in any case. In the event that you use unmodified topics and plugin you can just re-download them later. In the event that you have customized items in there they turn into significantly more imperative since they are harder to supplant.

Finally, the WordPress code is not important since that is publicly accessible at any time via a basic download.

In a perfect situation, I would recommend backing down your full WordPress database and your full wp-content folder just to be a safe. This way you’ll have all that you have to restore your total website effectively.

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There are three bigger group of WordPress backup choices which we’ll take a look. You can use WordPress plugin, third-party off-website solutions or your host’s built backup system (if any):


There are various backup plugin accessible for nothing or for a little charge. One of the most well known ones is BackWpup. The plugin can go down your entire database and your documents, and store them on the server or in an third-party stockpiling area like Dropbox, or TDWS Cloud Drive :

Remember that a backup isn’t generally a backup if it is on the same server from the first. I recommend continually putting away backups somewhere else to make sure you can restore in any situation.

The upside of using a plugin like BackWpup is that it is free. You get genuine feelings of mind and a restoring focuses to no end, which is really great. The downside is that they are generally more wastful than some different choices and restoring may require a developer if things go south – although of the fact that this applies to any backup strategy.

Some different WordPress backup solution for look at are WP-DB-Backup and BackUpWordPress.

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The clear leader in this group is VaultPress, which is made by a similar organization that grows a great part of the WordPress center. It has a number of great features, best of which is the total set and forget nature of the item. It ticks away in the background automatically but when you can restore with a couple of basic clicks.

VaultPress is an off-website system which means that it might have the capacity to restore your website on the off chance that it is totally difficult to reach also. On top of all that it includes security scanning and warnings and important website statistics as well.

In case you’re searching for an option, BackupBuddy is a good way to go. It is made by WordPress Themes who have a lot of WordPress experience and offers comparative feature to VaultPress.

I would by and by run with VaultPress in light of the way it handles backups and the convenience and pricing factors. On the off chance that you have an expansive number of websites you might be better serviced by BackupBuddy though, make a point to measure the cost and advantages.

The upside of using an third-party off-website item is convenience, extra security, a better user experience and high-level features. The downside is price. That said, I would recommend using these plugin over free options. You low cost to pay for the entire backups they deliver, particularly if your website profits.

3. BlogVault

BlogVault is easy to use, it’s protected, and it makes moving down your website effortless.

To make a move down of your website you ought to first agree to accept a BlogVault account, at exactly that point you can download and introduce their plugin. When the plugin is activated it will make a move down of your whole website – that is your database and documents. The plugin will then make standard back ups of your website, and backup new website data consistently.

You can easily revert back to any previous version from the most recent 60 days. You can also download a full go down of your website to your PC, or use the component to move a website to a new domain or hosting.

BlogVault also includes a truly remarkable feature called “Test Restore” which permits you to check the backup form before you run live with it. You can just pick an old backup version, incidentally restore it on BlogVault’s test servers, and review it before pushing it live on your own.


So which arrangement is the best? I would by and by use an oversaw WordPress host to get computerized backups and furthermore use VaultPress to go down my website. This gives enough repetition to be totally sheltered regardless.

In the event that you are on a financial plan, notwithstanding, the free backup instruments offered by plugin are awesome. They get you 95% of the path to an immaculate arrangement which is okay. Once your website begins profiting you can simply change to a superior arrangement.

I trust you’ve discovered this data supportive, and will rethink your backup process to stay away from any painful or offensive situation identified with website and content loss. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, feedback or recommendations, feel free to shear your comments below.

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