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    Dhwani S

    It is inscribed on Osho’s Samadhi- Never Born Never Died Only Visited This Planet Earth. Has Osho made us aware of some profound mystery through this statement?


    Osho Dhara

    The mystery is not very grave. Yes, we have shut our eyes and are not able to see.

    One of Osho’s book’s names is ‘The Open Secret’. If truth be told all the secrets of life are like an open book. Since we do not know how to read them, we find then grave and mysterious.

    All mysteries are unguarded/ open. When Osho states, ‘Never Born Never Died Only Visited this Planet Earth’. Do not think that it is applicable only to Osho. This statement is applicable to everyone. Whether you know it or not, it is applicable for all of you.

    Your soul was never born and it shall never die. You have always been. Yes, at this moment you have come to visit this planet Earth because of some liking towards traveling.

    You have arrived with a form and a shape; have boarded the vehicle of a body. You are roaming here and there. Life is a celebration, bliss. And this is not only true for Osho but for everyone. The only difference is that Osho knows it and you do not.

    We just know that we were born on so and so date and will die soon and we get stressed about avoiding death. In this worry, our whole life becomes a sad tale. We strive to get to know that which is immortal.

    When Osho says, “Never Born Never Died”, he is not referring to the physical body or the mind. Body and mind were born one day. And one day they pass away. About what is Osho talking then?

    What is it within Osho that never was born and that never died?

    That is his inner divine sound and the divine light, which has neither birth nor any death.

    Besides, this is not true only for Osho. Whether we know it or not, only this is the Truth, this is the Reality.

    Osho is not pointing toward any grave mystery; instead, he is declaring the Eternal and the only Truth. This is ‘Es Dhammo Santano, this is Tao. This is the Grand Plan/ Design- the Luminous, Conscious Spirit in the form of Divine Sound is never born and never dies. Yes, it is only for Leela, game that It manifests into a physical form. It is just as the ocean transforms into vapour, then clouds and thereafter it pours in the form of raindrops.

    It is a game, Leela. These raindrops will then become a river and will merge with the ocean. Everything is moving in a cyclic pattern. This is Leela, a game. Therefore, the words are so beautiful; Only Visited This Planet Earth.

    It is not a serious matter. We tend to take things in a serious manner. We tend to find grave mystery even in simplest of the things. This is the characteristic of our seriousness. Either say that the whole life is mysterious or say that there is no mystery.

    Everything is in the open/ open. We are sitting with our eyes shut therefore we find everything mysterious. It is not a mystery.

    Osho has declared the Eternal Truth. It is the eternal Truth not only for himself, it is for everyone, not only for human being but also for animals, birds, fishes, plants, trees, even for the substance. The Eternal Truth is that there is no Death of anything at all. There is no Birth for anything. Whatever is, was always and will always be. Nothing comes from anywhere nor does it go anywhere.

    Scientists have found out that substance is not destroyable. We cannot even destroy the smallest of atom, nor can we create it. Just reflect that if the atom of any substance is not destroyable then how can the consciousness be destroyed. It is also indestructible.

    Scientists say that the substance was never created. Whatever is, is since beginning if there was any beginning, and will never be destroyed. There will be no day when there is no substance left.

    Yes, it can be transformed in the form of energy. The particle of sand ‘is’ and it is impossible to destroy it. We cannot even destroy the smallest particle of dust. It can be transformed but not destroyed. When matter cannot be destroyed how can the consciousness be destroyed? It is indestructible. That is why it is a universal and eternal truth. It is not a unique thing just about Osho. What Osho has got inscribed on his Samadhi is out of compassion and it is just to remind us of our true nature.

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