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    Dhwani S

    Some of Osho’s old disciples say that whatever has to be done will be done by Osho himself. We are just going on doing sakriya Dhyan—Dynamic meditation. All responsibility lies with Osho. Because of this, they have a pessimistic approach towards the role of other living Masters. Would you like to elaborate on this matter?


    Osho Dhara

    Ma Atma Leena, if I say anything, what would happen?

    They will not listen to me. Anyway, they have a fixed negative idea about living Masters. Therefore, my saying would not do any good.

    I will read out Osho’s statements:

    I want to present from the first lecture given by Osho on Kahe Kabir Deewana—Kabir says, “jab mein bhoola re bhai, mere sadguru jugat lakhaaie.”

    While explaining this Osho says, “the technique given by the Master is jugat”. But only techniques will not work. A living Master is required. Techniques are available. Patanjali’s Yog sutra is available. All techniques are given in that. But if you read a book and get started then the techniques would be just like the clock. You might follow them mechanically but still you would be doing them in unawareness, like a sleeping man. Kabir says remember. And you will memorize, count the beads but still you would be doing that.

    All religions die. The day a Living Master dies that same day the religion also dies. Sikhism was alive until its 10 gurus were alive. The day Guru Govind Singh decided that the Holy Scripture- Guru Granth would be the next guru; there will be no other living guru, that very same day Sikhism died.

    When the 10 gurus of Sikh religion were alive, it was a different story. Then this instrument was not there, a living person was there.

    Until Jaina had 24 Tirthankars, Jainism was a living stream. Then Jainas decided that there could not be more than 24 Tirthankars. They shut the doors after Mahavir. Jainism died. Today Jain religion is a merely a dead body.

    With Mohammed, Islam was alive. With Quran it is dead. Though Quran is book of Mohammed but that is of no consequence.

    I am standing with a wand and you are asleep. I wake you with the wand. The wand does not wake you, I do. Your eyes open. You do not see me, you can see the wand/ baton touching you. With gratitude and obligation, you catch hold of the wand because it awoke you. Now you will pass on this wand to your child and say,” keep it safely, it awakens you very well “.

    However, the jugat (technique) has died. The wand was not waking you. Behind that wand there were live hands. How will the stick wake you, what can it do on its own?

    All scriptures turn into something like the wand. All techniques become like wand/ baton. You can offer prayers to it and remember it. And it is not that they have never awakened people. Definitely, they (people) were awakened. But there was a living hand behind them, there was some Nanak behind them, the vibration that was there was not of the stick. It was of the Living hand. The life that was being impacted in that wand was that of Nanak’s. Now you go on fulfilling the five obligations (5 K’s- kesh, kangha, kada, kirpal, kaccha obligatory for all Sikhs to have). Do all the rituals, do whatever you want to do. But all the rituals are like wands/ baton, now they are of no use anymore. Jugat (technique) are always alive, when there is a living hand behind it.

    I am still here. You can make use of my wand. After I am gone you can keep on doing Dynamic meditation and nothing will happen. I know this for sure that you keep on doing it after I am dead. There is no doubt about it because it is your age-old habit. Why does this happen? This happens because you are not afraid of the techniques. Your sleep does not have fear therefore you agree to follow the technique. But you have fear of the Living Master; you have a threat. For how long would you be able to sleep in front/presence of the Living Master? You will have to let go of your sleep. The Master will make you let go of your sleep; he will awaken you.

    “Jab …..” the rites and rituals indicate those techniques whose living hand has departed. All become customs and procedures. You meditate with me, that is different, but you meditate without me that is just a ritual. You might do all the steps correctly; breath correctly, jump, shout hu-hu, everything would be a drama. You will also become a practitioner of the same. But that would only be an exercise. Some benefit to the body that can be attained would be attained, but you will not be awakened.

    Sect or cult means; a dead religion. For instance, your father was a very nice man. He was alive and you took good care of him, now he is dead. Then what would you do? Sect means; you keep your dead father’s body at home and offer prayers. A sane/wise person does not do this. Though he loved his father, he would cry a bit, beat his chest. For months, this wound will not heal. But still he arranges for the coffin. Crying, he takes his father to the graveyard. He was loved one; relation with him was deep, now he is dead, end of the chapter.

    The day when people will have deeper understanding, they would take the religion to the graveyard on the very same day it dies. So that whenever the new Master is born/available they are ready to be available to him. When people are stuck to the old, they are not able to become available for the new.

    People, whom you are talking about, Ma Atma Leena, do tell them to listen to the first lecture of ‘Kahe Kabir Deewana’. They are/live/remain in illusion that they are meditating. They only have the wand/stick in their hands, which once used to awaken people. The hands through which the stick used to awaken are no longer there. Those people are working hard at it unnecessarily. They are doing a futile exercise. Ok it may be exercise. The body might benefit a bit from it. But it would not be the real thing. Awakening will not happen.

    Therefore, Osho has always supported the role of a Living Master. He has always said that find a living Master. Even I say the same thing to you. Today whatever I am making you do, whatever techniques I make/impart to you (do) are working only because(of) my being here. Many people say that make a cassette and give it to us so that we can go home and do Samadhi. That will not work. I will die one day. After I am gone, people will continue doing similar things; as formality or rituals. But then it will become procedures. When a Living Master does something then his liveliness is present. Until then the magical effect will prevail. If the Living Master is not available, the techniques will not be able do anything./do anything by themselves. It will not be able to awaken anyone, nor will be able to take anyone into Samadhi.

    Vigyan bhairav tantra is such an old scripture. Perhaps even more than 5000 years old. No one awakens reading it. All techniques are written in it. For thousands of years people are reading Patanjali Yog Sutra. Does anything happen? Maybe the health improves a bit. Nothing more than this happens; the consciousness does not awaken.

    But when Patanjali was alive, for sure many people followed the Aashtangik yog and were awakened. When Shiv was alive and Devi (Parvati) asked him questions, she was awakened with the answers.

    Today it has no utility (to awaken). Always remember, find a Living Master.

    We show a lot of wisdom in trivial things. Where do you go when you fall ill; to some alive doctor, or to a doctor who is dead?

    Even though he would have been a very eminent doctor, with a scientific intellect, a big researcher, perhaps he has written many textbooks for the medical college. The doctor of the local community might have studied his books and become a doctor. You would not be able to get treatment from this great doctor who is no longer alive. Thus in ordinary things you are wise.

    And when it comes to solve the great mystery of spirituality your ego becomes an obstacle.

    To surrender in front of a Living Master means that you would have to let go of your ego. And that is exactly what you do not want to do.

    To bow in front of a dead statue of stone or in front of a scripture, or a photograph, what can you loose?

    You know this very well that a photograph cannot harm you. A statue cannot destroy your ego. You have bought it from the market. You, yourself have kept it, if you want you can throw it away. How can a statue harm you?

    Only a living Master can awaken you. I would also want to add that the work that a Living Master does is under the guidance of the Masters who are no longer in their body. And that their guidance changes according to the time. Many people accuse me of doing things differently from Osho. But I would like to tell you that it is happening only with Osho’s consent//guidance/instructions..

    Today, the times have changed. When Osho had started, he was sowing the seeds of meditation. He planted the seeds of meditation in the hearts of thousands of seekers. Now those seeds have started germinating. They have become plants. Now its time for flowering. Spring has arrived.

    Just like how Osho had predicted that the 21st century is an era of Buddhas/ enlightened ones. That time has come now.

    Would you keep on meditating all you life?

    When would you do Samadhi?

    When will you attain Sambodhi (enlightenment)?

    Repeatedly Osho has said that meditation is a boat, which you have to embark and then disembark.

    Remember to disembark the boat! Do not keep sitting on the boat!

    Meditation is a boat. Mediation is a medicine. When you are ill, take medicine. When you recover let go of the medicine.

    Do not go on taking the medicine otherwise you will develop a new ailment!

    Have to say that those people who are doing active meditation for 20 years, 25 years, they have lost their minds. Osho has not said anywhere to do active meditation for 25 years. He has always said, “at the most for 3 months.”

    Clearly, he has said- do it with great intensity and cleansing will happen in 3 days! 3 days will be enough. Go and read the book “Rajneesh Dhyan Yog”. In that, Osho has said minimum 3 days and maximum 3 months would be enough. When did he say to do for 30 years?

    No, even this is your excuse. You do not want to surrender, do not want to give in. You want to save your ego, “whatever has to be done, will be done by Osho”. What will Osho do? When did he say, “I will do”.

    In Rajneesh Puram he had clearly declared on the day he asked his sanyasins to stop wearing mala and burgundy colored clothing any longer, that now it is not his responsibility. And people had applauded. They were very happy and immediately removed their mala. Many quit wearing burgundy colored clothes. One week thereafter, Osho was very angry/upset/furious/agitated. He had said, “it appears as if you were waiting ….as if the mala was a burden to you…. as if you have to wear colored clothes in sheer helplessness and not out of love. The moment I said ‘give it up’, you renounced it. You had other clothes ready in you suitcase. Surprising, and you are sanyasins for 20 years! Why had you kept aside other clothes? For sure, you would have had an inclination to give it up someday. I asked and you renounced. This shows whether you are surrendered to me or not.”

    That day Osho declared, “Till now I was doing preparation or groundwork for collective Samadhi, collective Enlightenment; such that the whole commune becomes enlightened. Today I declare that now it is not possible. Intense experimentation cannot be done on those who are not surrendered to me. From today onwards, your enlightenment is your responsibility. Now it is you own endeavor. You go according to your wisdom and do what you as you feel like. It is not my responsibility.”

    These are the words of Osho.

    Tell these to sanyasins who keep saying, “whatever is to be done, Osho will do” that it is their lethargy that is expressing in this way.

    Osho has never said, “I will do something in the future”. When he was alive, he had made attempts, which failed. Then he declared that it was no longer his responsibility. He discontinued the preparation he was doing for Commune Enlightenment.

    It is each one’s own responsibility. You are responsible for you enlightenment or un-enlightenment. You do your own Sadhana.

    Remind these declarations of Osho to those sanyasi friends!

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