is the ONE-STOP solution that helps IT professionals and businesses find the perfect & cheapest dedicated, VPS or GPU servers that fit their needs in seconds!

It is a FREE Meta-Search Engine built by, a team of Web Hosting and IT professionals. Comparing Thousands of server offers usually takes hours or even days. With this new Easy-to-use Multilingual & Multi-currency Web Hosting Meta-Search Engine, the same comparison can be done in seconds. It helps professionals and businesses save thousands of dollars per year for some server configurations. This comparison engine is based on server technical specs, server location, pricing and more!

This tool makes Web Hosting providers, their customers and prospects lives easier by providing a structured and an effective way to compare available server offers!

Web Hosting (WH) represents an essential need for most companies. Everyone needs a Web Hosting infrastructure for personal or professional use. IT Professionals and businesses need one or more product categories (Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, GPU Servers, Shared Hosting plans and Colocation Services) to host their applications, databases, emails, backups, files, blogs, websites, …

The complexity the Web Hosting industry and the huge number of Web Hosting providers and available offers makes purchase decisions very hard for customers.

The fact that the available Web Hosting offers data in the web is not fully structured, comparing two dedicated, GPU or VPS servers is time consuming. Some of the Web Hosting providers do not publish all the details about their server configurations, which makes things more complex for the end customer. To ensure the accuracy of this comparison, the team behind took care of this aspect by performing servers testing and working closely with these providers before publishing their offers.

New Web Hosting providers, even if they do have better and cheaper server offers with an excellent service, face big challenges to compete with the big players, who invested a lot over the years to build their reputation and be on the top of web searches. Potential customers cannot find them easily. This new Meta-Search Engine helps resolve these challenges for Web Hosting providers and creates a new opportunity for them to reach new customers without an extra effort.

This new FREE tool helps solve these problems:

1) Like most IT professionals and businesses who need servers for their daily operations and web presence, we spend a huge amount of time to find our new server and web hosting provider.

This Meta-Search Engine compares Thousands of server offers from different countries and provides a very comprehensive comparison report in seconds!

2) In addition to the fact that some businesses keep the same servers for years, even if they are happy with their current providers, they may find a better deal (A good provider who offers an excellent service, better server configuration for less, with FREE migration services in some situations).

This Meta-Search Engine will allow them compare their old server configurations to what exists in the market today. It acts as a FREE and Easy-to-use Virtual Web Hosting Assistant® that provides a very comprehensive comparison report in seconds! Comparison is based on technical server specs (CPU details, RAM, hard drives capacity & model, RAID type, network speed, bandwidth, IPv4, IPv6, …), server location (Country, State/Province), Pricing (Monthly price and setup fees) and more.

Below is a sample report:

The first release (beta) of the new Meta-Search Engine has been released. It includes the following features:

  1. Multi-language: To be customer-centric and give the opportunity to the end user to interact with the tool in his own language. The Web interface of the search form and the comparison report are available in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). This gives a great opportunity for web hosting providers to target potential customers by removing the language barrier.
  2. Multi-currency: In order to have an accurate comparison results, the comparison engine makes a real-time currency conversion using the most known currencies (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, …).
  3. Server technical specs based search: This Meta-Search Engine compares all the available server offers (VPS, Dedicated or GPU) based on the technical specs. This includes, CPU (Model, manufacturer and benchmark), number of CPU cores for VPS servers, RAM, monthly bandwidth, Network Card Speed, Number of IPv4, IPv6, Number of Hard drives, Hard drive capacity and type (SSD, HDD, …), RAID type and more.
  4. Server Management based search: To make your life easier, the Meta-Search Engine allows you to search for Managed and/or unmanaged servers based on your needs.
  5. Location based search: To allow you limit your servers search scope to a specific state/province, country or region or perform a global search if the server location is not important for you.
  6. Customized search report: Every customer has specific needs based on the server function. This Meta-Search Engine allows you to filter and sort the results based on your specific technical specification needs (CPU, RAM, Hard drive capacity, Bandwidth,) or just find the cheapest!
  7. Easy-to-understand comparison report: The tool does use different color codes to make the report easy to understand. Green for servers with a better specification (CPU, RAM capacity, etc.), Red for worse, White for the same and yellow for a different location that what you have selected.
  8. Savings amount: The tool gives you an estimate of savings per year. You will get something like: “You can save up to 2 400,00 USD per year and get a better server”.

The following is a list of some of the Web Hosting Provider Offers added during the first release. It includes some of the MOST KNOWN BRANDS (BlueHost,DigitalOcean,Godaddy,Internap,OVH,Packet,SoftLayer. Just cite a few) and new offers are added every day.

Visit today and start saving Time and Money!

Chandni SamaniHostingCheap VPS Server,compare,dedicated server,GPU server,perfect server is the ONE-STOP solution that helps IT professionals and businesses find the perfect & cheapest dedicated, VPS or GPU servers that fit their needs in seconds! It is a FREE Meta-Search Engine built by, a team of Web Hosting and IT professionals. Comparing Thousands of server offers usually...From A Geek to a Geek