VPS hosting is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server hosting. Virtual Private Server hosting plans offer virtual machines to clients. The concept of virtualization is similar to shared hosting where one server computer can have multiple sites running on it. However, virtualization technology allows each account to be treated as its own machine with its own dedicated resources and operating system. VPS hosting plans can guarantee the resources available to the client by using virtualization technology. This provides the client with a much more stable hosting environment with little to no fluctuation in the resources available.

1. KnownSRV

Knownsrv.com is a hosting concern that was started in 2013 and is based in the UK and Croatia, operating out of data centers in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Romania. They have done a good job getting their company started and while still fairly small seem to have developed a fairly good reputation for providing good services. KnownSRV provide VPS hosting. Virtual private server, is a web hosting solution offered by hosting providers. Like shared hosting and dedicated hosting, it’s a type of digital real estate where you can host your website and content on the internet. Service providers that offer VPS hosting have physical servers that are virtually allocated to a specific user. A Virtual Private Server is a virtualised server which shares a host system with other users, however is completely isolated and secure and provides the oppurtunities and appearance of a dedicated server. Each VPS can be independantly managed, rebooted and can have the operating system changed at any time.

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2. LiquidWeb

If you want a server with significant power, but without the high dedicated-server price tag, check out Liquid Web‘s VPS servers. Unlike many other VPS services I have reviewed, Liquid Web only charges for the number of days you use the service per month, which comes in handy if you decided to cancel your account. Liquid Web is strictly focused on providing the best in class hosting to all their customers. The majority of their marketing efforts go toward attracting large customers for their dedicated and cloud hosting services. They do offer shared hosting too, but it is not really at an entry level price so the average person looking to start up a small personal site will likely want to look for a better deal somewhere else. When quality, reliability and service are essential, however, this is one of the best companies around.

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3. TD Web Services :

A VPS (Virtual Private Servers) is for the most part the following stride from shared facilitating. Looking for the best VPS facilitating supplier, it’s not just about getting the most reduced cost. It is additionally worth considering where you can get the best esteem at the cost, and the amount of space you think you might require. Reckoning the future development of your site, it is a smart thought to pick a web facilitating supplier that encouraged simple scaling of your arrangement as important. TDWS VPS is an administration that offers an assortment of alternatives for any client. TDWS VPS is one of only a handful few VPS Hosting who give Hybrid Technology. Where you can look over two sorts of Containers Dockers and OpenVZ.

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4.Rad Web Hosting

Rad Web Hosting offers a variety of web hosting solutions to meet the needs of a diverse client base. Always willing to provide custom solutions, the staff will work with clients to arrange, propose, and deploy customized hosting products optimized for individual requirements. Rad Web Hosting is a great VPS provider for Linux Unmanaged VPS Server and Window VPS servers. The service is reliable and the support system also. Support is provided 24 hours a day, and all services are guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement.

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5. AltusHost

VPS Hosting is Suitable for medium to large websites that need more than just shared hosting; AltusHost offers two types of VPS hosting – Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting, both of which run on XEN virtualization technology. The Linux VPS starts at a monthly price of $19.95 that includes 2 CPU cores, 1 GB of RAM and 1 TB of bandwidth. Higher plans provide upto 6 CPU cores and 5 TB of bandwidth. Purchasing a control panel with Linux VPS gives you managed support services as well that will take care of any required troubleshooting. They focus on having the best infrastructure possible, allowing for the most efficient hosting experience. Their staff is experienced in the industry, their clients are located around the world, and they cater their services to both small businesses and giant corporations, meaning whatever speeds and specs you need, AltusHost provides them.

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6. Interserver

InterServer offers a variety of VPS and cloud hosting plans to provide the flexibility and scalability its clients are looking for. Linux cloud VPS begins at $6 per month, while Windows cloud VPS starts at $10 per month. Both offer a variety of options, based on your needs for CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer caps. They have a wide range of different packages available, so whether you are looking to host a simple personal blog or you need hosting for a large corporate site, they can handle it all. They have bought out many other hosting companies, which has allowed them to build a nationwide fiber network. This is quite an accomplishment and gives their customers access to extremely fast connections with exceptional reliability. In addition to their great hosting packages, they also offer collocation services and domain registration.

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7. InMotion Hosting

Our state-of-the-art Linux SSD VPS Hosting servers come equipped with an arsenal of features, including a cloud-powered infrastructure built for real time redundancy, free server management, a free cPanel license, CentOS and LAMP stack, live-state snapshots and much more. Find out why designers, developers and business owners are moving to InMotion Hosting for their VPS Hosting needs. The biggest selling point for InMotion is that they have robust offerings that appeal to businesses, so even if you are quite small now, you can afford their services and stay with this web host when your traffic goes through the roof and your bandwidth demands get oppressive. All of their plans – even the most basic – give you unlimited bandwidth and disc space, solid SEO credits, periodic website backups, and many other helpful features.

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8. VPS.net

VPS.NET offers great public clouds. They provide each and every customer with solid hardware features at reasonable prices. However, they have only monthly offers, and their customer support is lacking. Cloud plans by VPS are extremely flexible. They have a very particular auto-scaling feature that lets you relax as the resources of your server will grow gradually as the need arises. Another advantage of VPS.NET clouds is large amount of free outbound traffic included in each package, which will cut your extra expenses. Why Choose VPS.NET Cloud Hosting?

  • Auto scaling technology
  • Great hardware at attractive prices
  • Outbound traffic included

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